All Notifications
in Google Chat.

Your company may already be paying for Google Chat. Now convince your team to use it by giving them all the notifications they already rely on.

Easy to set up

If you have ever configured webhooks for any instant messenger platform you already know what to do.

Designed for Teams

By letting other people in your org configure notifications you can streamline adoption.

Slack Webhook Compatible

Any Slack Webhook integration your team is currently using will start working in Google Chat in seconds.


Any Existing Slack Webhook

If your team is currently notified via a Slack webhook, it will work with Google Chat right out of the box. This unlocks 1,000s of integrations immediately.

AppCenter Logo

Microsoft AppCenter

If your team is building and comiling apps on AppCenter, Google Chat Hooks will inform you about crashes, builds failing or succeeding and apps being distributed.

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